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How to Achieve the Beach Cottage Look in Your Home

Posted on November 30, 2022 in Inspiration

beach cottage home with a beautiful outdoor pool

The beach cottage trend combines the relaxing vibe of an idyllic beach house with the cozy hominess that cottages are best known for results in what might just qualify as the most soothing home decor trend yet: beach cottage. These home design and decor ideas will help you capture all the charm of a coastal getaway and add rustic touches that ground your space in a natural setting with these beach cottage home design and decor ideas. 

Home interior with a soft blue-grey and white coastal color palette

Choose a Coastal Color Palette 

To create a simple base, commit to a neutral coastal color palette with shades of light blue, sandy beige and clean linen whites. Neutral nautical tones pair well with hallmarks of cottagecore design like rustic decor and woodsy furnishings. Off-whites and light beige offer an airiness that opens up small spaces, while lighter blues or seaglass green summon oceanic vibes to keep the beach in your beach cottage. 

A textured interior with wallpaper and varied furniture texture

Add Texture to Create Your Perfect Coastal Cottage 

Where modern beach houses feature sleek design and straight, clean, lines, the beach cottage aesthetic incorporates plenty of texture. Strike the right balance by focusing your textural choices in a few key areas.

Beadboard Grounds Your Beachy Abode

Beadboard is all the rage in DIY home renovations right now, and for good reason. This textured wall paneling features vertical grooves and small wooden ridges between each plank. It is often found in modern farmhouse design and sits at the intersection of modern and rustic. You can find beadboard paneling in a wide variety of colors, and it is incredibly easy to paint if you need it to match an existing wall color.

Elevate Cottage Vibes with Natural Materials

Add natural elements like reclaimed wood coffee tables, rattan sideboards, woven bar stools, textured linen, and other natural elements to create a cottage vibe. This textured, natural look  will pair well with your breezy coastal design theme.  

beach cottage style home with a passthrough window

Focus on Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

If you are lucky enough to have a beach house in a climate that sees tropical temperatures year round, maximize your enjoyment by creating indoor/outdoor spaces with folding or sliding patio doors and pass-through windows. One of the best parts of beach cottage design is that its core design elements encourage bringing the outdoors in. Use this to your advantage to curate stunning patios, distinguished decks, and multi-purpose sunrooms

a textured gallery wall in a coastal beach cottage home

Get Eclectic With Art and Prints

One of the things that makes beach houses and cottages  so inviting is the plethora of paintings, art prints, photos, and other pieces displayed throughout the home. Consider botanical prints for the bathroom or powder room, pairing your beadboard with a bold printed wallpaper, or creating a gallery wall in the living room or near your breakfast nook. Mix and match metallic tones, art styles, frame types and shapes  for a truly unique look. 

Create Your Ideal Oasis with Pella Windows and Doors

Choosing the right windows and doors is key to creating the cozy, relaxing getaway of your dreams, choosing the right windows and doors is key. The beach cottage aesthetic depends on natural light and breezy corridors, so executing it well requires high-quality windows and perfectly paired glass patio doors. Request a consultation today and let the professionals at Pella help you choose the best windows for your coastal home.

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