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7 Wood Window Designs for Homes Old And New


on June 11, 2018


Before fiberglass and vinyl, there was wood. And it’s not just nostalgia that has kept wood popular as a window material. It’s durable, energy-efficient and versatile. Many homeowners would say it’s the best-looking material for windows.

Looking at these beautiful wood window projects, it’s easy to see why. These different wood window designs showcase what wood windows can do.

Wood window designs with brick exterior

Blend into the natural color scheme

Entering its third decade, this Richmond, Virginia, residence was due for new windows. The homeowners wanted a style and color that complemented the classic look of their brick home. Custom casement wood windows and grilles were painted to match the mortar, beautifully blending into the home’s natural color palette.

Colorado custom wood windows with a mountain view

Match the magnificence of the mountains

Amidst the aspen forests in the mountains of Colorado, this home needed expansive views of the surrounding environment. Custom wood windows maximized sight lines to the trees and the Rockies — and even stole a little attention from Mother Nature. This gorgeous wall of windows mirrored the look and shape of the exposed wood beams, adding to the natural, rustic beauty of the home’s design.

Custom wood windows on a historic home in Pennsylvania

Preserve a historic look

Maintaining the original windows on this Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, century home was a challenge. The owner opted to upgrade to newer, more efficient windows that were easier to care for, yet kept the historic look of the 117-year-old home. Wood casement windows preserved the historic integrity and integrated seamlessly into the home’s exterior design.

Wood window designs above a door

Make an impressive first impression

From the wood door to the large overhead window, the front entrance to this stone home in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, makes a statement. Fixed wood windows and sidelights add character without distracting from the natural beauty of the stone. The window designs and grilles match other windows on the front of the house, upping the home’s curb appeal.

Wood window designs of varying shapes

Show off unique style

Wood windows were used throughout the entire home in this new construction home in Cleveland, Ohio. A mix of window styles add character to every opening, from the full-circle special shape windows on the front and back to various custom window combinations.

Historic windows in Philadelphia

Restore the original aesthetic

Because their home was a landmark registered with the Philadelphia Historical Society, the owners had to meet strict requirements for historical accuracy. Skilled craftsmen created ornate, detailed exterior trim on double-hung wood windows to return the home to its original beauty.

Wood window arched design

Create a classic and consistent look

These homeowners replaced all their windows in three phases. But you can’t even tell which ones are brand new and which are a few years old. Wood casement windows and custom overhead arches add character and keep the design the homeowner chose years ago.

If all these beautiful designs have inspired you to start your own wood window project, begin exploring all the features to build the best wood windows for your home.

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