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Window Designs for Your Home


on May 13, 2022

Cohesive and attractive home design involves putting intention into every aspect of your home, including your windows. Deciding on the best window design comes down to choosing your window priorities, understanding your lifestyle needs, and pairing those needs with your ideal design aesthetic. Let’s explore the key elements of exceptional window design.

Windows for Bright, Natural Light

One of the most attractive benefits of utilizing windows prominently in your home design is the natural light they bring. If your primary design goal is to increase the amount of light in a certain area of your home, you’ll want to look for large, expansive window designs with grille options. Picture windows provide a large, uninterrupted panel of glass that covers a large area. The only downside to picture windows is that they are non-operable (often due to their size). They are excellent for views and natural light, but if cross-breeze is a priority in your home, these may not be the best fit. 

Additionally, single- and double-hung dormer windows add light to the dark alcoves dormers naturally create. 

Windows to Add Space to Your Home

For some homeowners, window design may be more focused on maximizing space. If that’s you, choose window designs that add space to your home like bay and bow windows. Because these windows protrude from the walls of the house, they add floor space and additional storage room. Whether you’re looking for the perfect nook for your favorite plants, want to design the coziest indoor reading area, or just want a beautiful place to enjoy your coffee every morning, windows that add space to your home make excellent design pieces.

Window Designs for Your Lifestyle 

The best home design combines your aesthetic preferences with the functionality you need to keep your family’s lives running smoothly. It might not seem like windows can offer a quality of life boost but choosing the right windows and designing them to meet your needs can make life easier and, well, breezier. 

For many families, the ability to open the windows and let fresh air in during fair weather is a huge mood booster, especially in climates where harsh winters give way to beautiful, sunny springs. You can choose window designs that let you make the most of your area’s climate by getting intentional about which way you want your windows to open. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows swing outward when they open rather than sliding up and down. Typically fitted with a hand-crank to open and close the window, these are excellent choices for areas where sliding the window open would otherwise be difficult, like kitchens. Casement windows are a common choice and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. 

Single- and Double-Hung Windows

Two of the most popular window styles, single- and double-hung windows, consist of two sashes inside a single frame. Single-hung windows only allow the bottom sash to slide up and down, whereas double-hung windows offer the flexibility of both sashes moving up and down. 

Both make airflow easy, but double-hung are much easier to clean . If you have little ones or pets in the house, you understand the importance of this feature. Because of the variety of sizes, shapes, and styles available, double-hung windows are the perfect window design choice for busy families. 

Window Walls

Natural light and stunning views of the outdoors can be accomplished with more than just picture windows. A trend that is gaining popularity in home window design is the inclusion of window walls. Floor to ceiling glass creates a stunning panoramic view, but may not be the best choice for families with young children because it puts glass in the immediate path of sticky fingers.  

Energy Efficient Windows

Older windows not only make it harder to create a cohesive design, but could also be siphoning money from your pockets due to poor energy efficiency. Pella windows offer excellent energy efficiency with innovative window technology that keeps your home consistently comfortable year round while saving on utilities. With all those extra savings, you can focus on designing a space that looks as good as your energy efficient windows feel. 

Window Design Details to Consider

Once you’ve decided which windows best fit your design needs, it’s all about the details. Window details serve the important purpose of bringing your design elements together to create a cohesive visual feel. 

Grille or No Grille

Many window manufacturers provide the option of adding a grille design to break up large panes of uninterrupted glass. Grilles come in a variety of thicknesses and designs. They are often found on craftsman and colonial style homes, though they can also fit right in with more traditional window designs and architecture styles. 

Window Material

There are many window materials to choose from. If your design goals lean more traditional and elegant, wood windows may be the best option. If you want flexibility but have a limited budget, fiberglass or vinyl windows are excellent choices as well. Pella offers windows in a variety of materials and styles, which allows you to select the option that best fits your aesthetic and lifestyle. 

Get Impeccable Window Design for Your Home

Whatever window designs best suit your needs, getting the most from your choices comes down to working with professionals who are passionate about every detail of your window design. That’s where the experts at Pella come in. Schedule a consultation to get started with on-trend window designs today.

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