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Create Unique Window Designs with Window Trim


on March 14, 2023

When you think of window design, you may not immediately consider the window trim as a major factor in creating the overall look and feel your windows provide. However, choosing the right window trim styles, colors, and materials can make a surprising difference in the final impression your windows give. Not sure where to start with window trim? Let’s take a closer look at the types of window trim out there, how to create unique window designs with your trim choices, and how to keep those designs in harmony with the architecture of your home. 

Types of Interior Window Trim 

When you are considering window trims, there are two main categories of trim to decide on — interior and exterior trim. From there, you can break it down into the more exciting design components. 

Painted trim will allow you a larger variety of colors to choose from, whereas stained trim will give a more natural look and feel and can retain the look of the window trim’s original material as well. 

Mix and Match Window Trim Textures with Your Interior Design 

The type of interior window trim you choose for your windows will help determine the interior look and feel of your home. For many homeowners, interior window trim options are an opportunity to mix and match colors and textures within your interior design color palette and plan. 

For example, you could match your window trim with your wainscotting if you’re going for a more coastal vibe, or consider a natural material stained lightly for a more rustic look. When you choose a painted trim in a solid color, you create a blank canvas for the textures of surrounding countertops, walls, and appliances to play off of. 

Your choice of window trim and window casing can also impact how light or dark, spacious or cozy a room feels. 

Find Window Trim Inspiration in Your Home’s Architectural Style

For some homeowners, choosing window trim and casing design comes down to creating a seamless appearance with the home’s natural architecture. For example, Pella offers window casing in a variety of styles including Farmhouse, Provincial, Craftsman, and Colonial. 

So, if you’re having trouble brainstorming window trim ideas, use your home’s architectural style to help point you in the right direction for a window trim that feels, well, right at home. 

Get Your Perfect Window Trim Fit With Pella 

Whatever window trim best suits your style, taste, and home, the professionals at Pella are here to make the planning and installation process simple, straightforward, and painless. Ready to level up your window trim and casing? Request a consultation today to get started.

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