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5 Ways to Beautify Your Windows Without Curtains or Blinds


on February 7, 2018


Options for window treatments can feel unlimited and limiting at the same time. While there’s an overwhelming number of patterns, fabrics, textures and materials, you can feel locked in. It’s either curtains or blinds.

Unless you get creative.

Yes, window coverings must provide privacy and control over the amount of natural light in your home. But they can also be a statement-making part of your home’s décor. If you’re bored of blinds and curtains, explore these out-of-the-box ideas to cover your windows.

Shutters as window coverings

Mount some shutters.

Curtains and blinds are common. But shutters are actually more traditional, predating glass windows themselves. You’re probably accustomed to seeing shutters outside the home. Most are purely decorative. And if they are functional, they’re not convenient to open and close.  Flipped to the inside, shutters offer function and a classic yet unique style.

Different shutter styles offer various levels of coverage and give you design options. Mount shutters on both sides of your window to frame it or place a wider shutter on one side. Louvered shutters work like blinds. You can close them entirely or open the louvers to let in light and fresh air. Board and batten and panel shutters are solid — completely blocking out the window when in place.

Paint window frames

Paint your sashes and frames.

One of the simplest ways to bring beauty to your windows is to paint them. Not the glass, of course. The sashes and frames. Painting your sashes and frames a bold color outside your standard color and finish options gives you a modern, dramatic look. Black window frames can be a modern and sophisticated look. However, this is only an option if you have wood windows. Painting vinyl or fiberglass windows is not recommended. It could damage your windows and void your warranty.

Add window molding

Create your own molding.

Not every window has trim, an apron, or even a sill. That may leave the window looking too bare for your tastes.

Surrounding your window with molding can create a more decorative flair. Alternatively, you can add molding to the entire wall with wainscoting or other paneling.

Decorate with plants.

For a flexible, less permanent option, cover your window with plants. Place potted plants on the window sill or the floor in front of the window. Tall, leafy plants offer more shade and privacy. Flowering plants add more natural beauty and color to your room. Hanging baskets dangled from the ceiling do all of the above, just from the opposite direction. Whenever you want more natural light and an unobstructed view, simply move the plants.

Before you plant your window garden, do your homework. Some plants love sunshine; others prefer the shade. Research the best plants for your window and climate so your room is full of life, not wilting, brown leaves.

Showcase artwork.

An elegant window is a work of art. You may not want to alter it or distract from it at all. Complement your window art with your favorite work of art. Lean a painting or other piece against the wall beneath the window for some floor art. Artwork of the right size fits snugly in your frame when you want more shade or privacy. When the sun goes down and you cover the windows, the room transforms into your very own art gallery.

Upgrade the window screen.

It's not the first thing you think of, but window screens have an impact on the look of your windows. Different screens have different styles and transparencies. High-transparency screens offer a crisp, clear view. For the cleanest, sleekest look, Pella's Rolscreen® retractable screen. Not only does the Integrated Rolscreen retractable screen appears when you open the window. When closed, the screen retracts into the frame, allowing the beauty of the window to shine. 

You’re not confined to curtains and blinds. With a little imagination, you can craft beautiful window treatments out of anything. So get crafty and create a style all your own.

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