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Create an Elegant Entry with French Patio Doors

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown

on August 31, 2021

Pella French door wood hinged patio

History of French Doors

The purpose of French doors is to bring light into your home. They are commonly used for decorative and aesthetic purposes. French doors got their name because they originated in France. They were first created during the 17th century when the Renaissance was at large. During this time, new ideas in architecture and art were growing. French doors were originally large windows that people could open to step out onto their balconies. Eventually, through some innovations, they became the French doors we know today. With this, French doors are historically found on more traditional homes due to the elegant detailing. However, they can work for many different home styles, including traditional, modern, rustic, etc.

French Patio Doors

A French patio door can provide a grand, elegant doorway between your backyard and your home. You will need to consider the Cleveland climate and what you want from your patio door to decide on the perfect fit for your home.

Single or double door. Our French patio doors come in single or double doors. Depending on the space you have available, and how much space you want to fill when you open your patio doors, you can decide if a single or double French patio door is best for you. With a double door, you have the option of having both doors being operable or active, or just having one door that moves and one that is stationary, active/inactive.

Pella white wood French hinged patio door

In-swing or out-swing. In-swing is when a door swings to the interior of your home. Out-swing refers to when it swings outward. First, you will need to determine which way you want your door to open. If it is an out-swing, you will want to make sure your door is durable and can handle the weather, while if it opens to the inside, you need to make sure you have enough space to open it and arrange your furniture that way.

Screens. Screens play an essential role in your home’s light, ventilation, and view. On our Pella Reserve wood in-swing hinged patio doors, we offer a high-transparency screen made from finer screen fabric than conventional screens to allow more airflow and natural light in your home. They are also practically invisible from the street. We installed a screen for a homeowner for added ventilation for their home and to keep the bugs out while the patio door is opened.

Blinds. Available on Lifestyle Series windows, between-the-glass-blinds are protected from dust, damage and people touching them, making them an excellent low-maintenance option. In addition, they are safer thanks to their cordless operation and come in multiple colors to fit other decorative elements in your home. You can also get motorized shades when you pair your integrated blinds with Pella Insynctive technology.

For more great information to help you choose the right patio door for you, check out this article.

Pella French door in living room black wood patio door

Pella French Doors

Our French patio doors are made from wood. Wood French doors showcase the natural beauty that’s in wood, including all the small details. Wood is also a great natural insulator to help your home reach its energy efficiency goals. We have many different product lines to help find the perfect door for you, including our Pella Reserve Traditional, Pella Reserve Contemporary, Architect Series Traditional, Pella Reserve Contemporary and Lifestyle Series. All of these series have many different customizations and styles that can fit any décor and home.

Hardware. Our French doors offer safety, beauty and functionality and include customizable hardware to fit all your needs. We offer collections with styles of classic, modern, rustic and essential for your door handles with a variety of shapes and colors, including ones with sleek lines or timeless curves as well as finishes like nickel, bronze, brass and many more.

Grilles. We offer multiple grilles and grille patterns, including traditional, prairie, top row, etc. You can get grilles-between-the-glass, fixed or simulated-divided-light-grilles. Different grilles can help with different needs. For example, they can provide the authentic look of divided light, provide better energy efficiency and be placed between the glass panels so you won’t have to worry about cleaning them. You can also use them to achieve a particular look, including a traditional look.

Stained wood French door

Paint/stain/finish. We offer classic paint, stains and finishes on our French Patio doors including white, black and almond. Along with our offered stain and paint finishes, we can order custom paint so your French door can match your home.

Between-the-glass blinds. You can also order blinds between the glass of your French door. These provide light control and are low maintenance as they are protected from dust and damage that occur on regular blinds. This means you can save money on maintenance and replacement costs. Our between-the-glass blinds are also available with or without motorization.

Storm door options. We offer Vinyl Hurricane Shield Series hinged doors with laminated, impact-resistant glass options that are shatter-resistant and help protect what matters from storms and intruders. The glass also blocks almost 100% of harmful UV rays from the sun and blocks outside noise. In addition, the hinges on the door are fully adjustable so that you can change the swing of your door for easy operation.

We also have Fullview, Select, Rolscreen, and Partial View storm doors. These are second outer doors that add another level of comfort and protection. The glass panel protects your home and front door during bad weather. When the weather is nice, the screen panel lets you get ventilation without allowing bugs inside. It also lets in natural light into your entryways. Storm doors offer added security since they have a built-in keyed lock separate from your home’s primary door.

Installation Process

Our trained Pella professionals install your brand-new French door expertly. So, what can you expect? If we install a new French patio door where a wall or window previously existed, we take out the old window and cut it to the size of the door. If we install a replacement, we remove the door, remove debris and clean the area, put in a new door starting from the bottom, install new frame and door assembly, trim the shims and add trim and door detailing.

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