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Performance: The Energy Efficiency and Durability of Pella Windows

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown

on September 7, 2022

Gray home with Pella windows

You want durable windows that will perform well year-round for many years. We’ve spent the time testing our products and researching ways to make our windows perform better for you and your Cleveland home.

Learn about all the ways our windows perform to improve your home.

Noise Reduction

Dual- or triple-pane glass use insulating gas between the windowpanes to help mitigate outside noise. Varying the thicknesses of the glass can also help dampen different sounds at different frequencies for improved sound control.

Wood has naturally insulating properties; our fiberglass windows have optional foam insulation to reduce sound transmission. Our vinyl windows have optional foam insulation and 18 insulating air chambers in the frames.

Also, proper installation is vital for sound, as the airtight seal helps keep noise out. Our local Philadelphia expert installers will ensure that you have a tight seal on your windows to improve your noise control. An excellent choice for premium sound performance is our Lifestyle Series windows. They can help create a quieter home by keeping noise from the outdoors, like traffic and dogs barking, outside of your home.

Weather Resistance

The weather changes all year long, especially here in Cleveland, and your home needs to be prepared to deal with the heat and the snow. Our windows have been tested to perform in extreme weather conditions, and we can help build your windows to best fit your climate.

Our windows have tight weatherstripping. This covers the space between the window sash and the frame to reduce air leaks and prevent water from entering your home. Our insulating glass also helps minimize heat transfer and keep your home comfortable even during weather changes. This means that whether it is a heat wave in June or a snowstorm in January, your windows will help keep your home protected and comfortable.

Our hardware is also made secure. For example, our exclusive SureLock design for our casement windows pulls the window sash tightly against the weatherstripping to create a stronger seal.

We put our windows to the test to ensure that they can handle the weather and be safe and long-lasting in your home. We test for air, water and structural performance in harsh climates, including positive and negative wind loads and heavy rain. We also evaluate how our windows will last long-term in different environments and weather conditions to ensure our products’ long-term performance and beauty. We test our sealants by placing the glass in a 140-degree Fahrenheit chamber with 100% humidity, and then the glass is placed in another chamber to simulate UV light. These test shows that the sealant will last in direct sunlight, humidity and heat.

We have exclusive EnduraGuard wood protection for our wood windows to protect against the effects of moisture and termite damage. In addition, our Impervia windows are made from strong fiberglass and have been tested to show that they won’t expand, contract or become brittle when exposed to environmental temperature swings. Lastly, our vinyl windows have exceptional weathering durability and color retention. So regardless of the weather, you won’t need to paint, stain or refinish your vinyl windows.

Impact Resistance

Our impact-resistant glass is another way to protect your home from extreme weather. Our windows have a polymer layer between two panes of glass to provide reinforcement and hold the glass together (even if it were to shatter) to prevent damage and injury caused by wind, water or debris. Our impact-resistant glass is also for added safety and security as it can help against forced entry. In addition, the interlayer cannot be easily penetrated, even if the glass shatters.

Back of home with patio featuring vinyl Pella windows and screens

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows can help lower your utility bill. They can also add comfort to your home. Insulated glass slows the heat transfer which can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round. We also offer a triple-pane glass option to create more insulating air space, which can add even more to your home’s energy efficiency.

Along with double- and triple-pane glass, we also offer different Low-E glass types to optimize your windows for your climate. This Low-E glass coating helps reflect heat into the room during the winter and reflect heat away from your home in the summer to improve energy efficiency and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In addition, this glass blocks most of the sun’s harmful UV rays to prevent your carpet, furniture and window treatments from fading.

Proper installation is also essential for energy-efficient windows to perform their best. Our professional installers are trained to install your windows so that there won’t be any drafts or leaks.

Several of our windows are ENERGY STAR-certified, so you know that you are getting windows that have been tested and proven to make a difference in your home.

Four-season room with windows that match home's architecture

Here are some local projects in and around Cleveland, Ohio that our team has worked on:

We renovated a four-season room in Akron, Ohio. The goal was to make the space more energy-efficient so that the homeowners could comfortably use it throughout the fall and winter months as well as the spring and summer. We replaced the windows and hinged doors with our Impervia fiberglass products. The white interior finish makes the room brighter, while the exterior brown color matches the rest of the home. The full-glass doors and fiberglass windows provide a fantastic view of the homeowner’s pond and achieve the primary goal of improving energy efficiency.        

Another example includes a home in North Ridgeville, Ohio, whose owners wanted replacement windows for their old, drafty ones and wanted to install something that would require less maintenance and was more durable. We installed new fiberglass casement windows with a gray finish that beautifully matched the siding. Our fiberglass windows are great for providing durability, low maintenance and energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency was also the main goal for this Fairview, Ohio home. We replaced the home’s metal single-pane windows with our vinyl windows to improve energy efficiency. The new windows matched the aesthetic of the home and the sliding windows provided better overall functionality. The new energy-efficient windows can help keep the bedrooms comfortable year-round and help lower the home’s utility bill.

Our windows are made to perform so that you can worry less and trust your windows’ long-lasting capabilities and strength. But our windows don’t just perform; they also are stylish and come in various materials and colors with different hardware and innovative options.

If you're ready to get started on replacing your windows, our team is here to help with a free in-home consultation!

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.