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Casement Windows for Modern Columbus Homes

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Columbus

on August 11, 2021

Pella wood casement windows with arched top

Casement Window 101

Casement windows were introduced to homeowners back in the 18th century. Back then, large glass panes were not as commonly used, so casement windows were typically six small panes joined together by glazing bars. Casement windows were sometimes used as an alternative to mullioned stone windows.

Many Columbus homeowners choose casement windows for their practicality and functionality. They provide lots of ventilation due to how they open and can be easily operated with cranks or innovations like Pella's new easy-slide operator. Casement windows also offer great security as many have locks embedded in their frame. They provide excellent energy efficiency too as many people choose them solely to enhance their home’s energy efficiency and lower their utility bills.

Casement windows also have aesthetic appeal in that they provide a largely unobstructed view of the outside which brings in tons of natural light into your home. They also provide versatility in style so that casement windows can be installed and look good on any style of home.

Pella modern black casement kitchen windows

Casement Windows for Modern Homes

There are many traditional homes in neighborhoods across Columbus, OH. Some of these communities include Upper Arlington, Worthington, Clintonville and Grandview. Older, more traditional-style homes are also found in all of the villages located in Columbus, Ohio like the German, Italian and Victorian Village.

With these traditional communities, you may want to upgrade your windows to fit your contemporary style. Casement windows can add a modern touch to a traditional home. For example, we worked with a homeowner that wanted to modernize their home while still honoring its detailed traditional style. We installed casement windows with a black finish to add a modern touch to the home while the diamond grilles and additional detailing helped the windows stay true to the classic, traditional style of the home. 

There are also several Columbus neighborhoods that have modern homes. You can find these homes in Dublin, Westerville, Powell and Hilliard. Casement windows can be used to enhance the modern homes in these areas and others. Casement windows have versatility in their style and can be used to create a modern look in your home. You can finish your casement windows in black to add a contrasting color that is trending in modern homes. You can also use a combination of windows or sizes to add modern architectural interest to your home. Doing this can create larger glass areas for unobstructed views from your casement windows which help to add a modern aesthetic.

Pella black fiberglass casement kitchen windows

Pella Casement Windows

At Pella, we offer several different window lines and window frame materials for casement windows, including those available in black. Black finishes on our casement windows are a way to add a pop to your home, especially on a home that has a white exterior.

Some additional customizations you can add to your Pella casement windows:

Color and finishes. On our wood casement windows, we offer interior stains of natural, red mahogany, Early American, black, and many more as well as varying shades of white paint colors. For the exterior, you can choose from shades of black, brown, green, gray, or blue. You can even add brick red like this homeowner did to match the color of their original window trim.

For our 250 Series vinyl casement windows, we have white, fossil and almond finishes with dual-color options available in fossil, brown and black. Our Impervia fiberglass frames come in black, brown and white.

Pella white casement windows with shads in dining room

Screens. Casement windows made from our fiberglass or vinyl can be paired with either InView or conventional (standard) screens. Pella wood casement windows have InView screens, Rolscreen retractable screens available. InView screens are more transparent than conventional fiberglass screens providing a clearer view. 

Grilles. There are many different grille patterns available for casement windows, including Traditional, Prairie, Cross, Victorian, Top Row and New England. The different grille patterns can provide you with a unique style and look. We can also do custom grilles for an even more unique look.

Blinds. Available on Lifestyle Series windows, between-the-glass blinds are protected from dust, damage and people touching them, making them a great low-maintenance option. They are safer thanks to their cordless operation and come in multiple colors to fit other decorative elements in your home. There is also an option to get motorized shades when you pair your integrated blinds with Pella Insynctive technology.

Your local Pella professional will work with you to find the right solution for your home. We listen to your needs, including what functionality you want from your windows and the style you want to be reflected, to help you decide on the perfect window for you.

Schedule a free, no-pressure consultation to discuss your casement window replacement project.

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