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Windows and Doors for Cottage Style Homes


on December 27, 2022


The cottagecore craze continues to thrive, with no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re craving a woodsy escape, want your home to feel as comfortable as you are in it, or simply want to honor the roots of your cottage style house, choosing the right windows and doors is key. Let’s discuss the key aspects to what makes a cottage style home, why this trend is so popular, and dive into how to choose the best windows to achieve this popular look. 

What is a Cottage Style Home?

Cottage style homes encompass a range of architectural styles - from Georgian to Tudor - and are often seen as a precursor to the Craftsman style home. For this reason, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes a cottage style home, but there are a few key attributes that are commonly synonymous with cottage vibes. For instance, cottages are typically smaller houses that prioritize functionality and comfort. 

The stereotypical cottage style home is surrounded by nature and features sloping roofs, vintage design elements, and beautiful landscaping. 

Why Are Cottage Homes So Popular?

The popularity of cottage homes never really disappeared, but there has been a recent resurgence. The pandemic inspired design trends that emphasize comfort and simplicity. Now, cottagecore reigns supreme. Soft blankets, warm fires, and cozy vibes are the hallmarks of the romanticized cottage ideal. Who doesn’t want a little more of that? 

What Windows Best Suit Cottage Style Architecture?

Whether you’ve owned a cottage style home for some time, you’re looking to buy or build your dream cottage, or you want to mimic cottage style architecture, these windows and window design details will help you nail the look. 

Classic Cottage Flair with Double-Hung Windows

Thanks in part to their smaller footprint and similar architectural styles, double-hung windows are often synonymous with cottage style homes. Taller than they are wide, double-hung windows feature two sashes that can be moved up and down independently of each other and offer excellent airflow. They work well as dormer windows or to let natural light into smaller spaces with limited exterior wallspace. This also makes them a great fit for cottages with asymmetrical or varied wall length. 

Diamond Grille Detailing

Adding grille detailing to windows is one of the easiest ways to achieve the cozy, country feel of cottage style architecture, especially diamond grille detailing. Typically seen on casement windows, diamond grilles are evocative of the countryside and old world design. They are a particularly good choice for English and Southern style cottages. 

Use Arched and Cathedral Windows for Added Drama

For a moodier cottage vibe with more sophisticated design, choose arched windows or cathedral windows to add architectural drama without overwhelming. Consider placing arched windows on dormers or steeples, or make them the main event by installing cathedral windows on your cottage style home’s front facade.  

Exterior Cottage Window Treatments You Need

Creating your picturesque cottage home design goes beyond the window type, frame, and detailing. To complete the design aesthetic, use window treatments like board and batten shutters, flat shutters, and raised panel shutters. Choose window boxes overflowing with beautiful florals and greenery bring to home the rustic, nature-steeped feel that embodies quintessential cottage life. 

Complement Your Modern Cottage With a Cozy Entry Door

Cottages are known for their inviting nature, and there’s no part of your home more inviting than the front door. Entry doors come in many shapes and sizes, but if you’re aiming to nail the cottagecore aesthetic, choose a door with glass panels in the top half, or an arched door in a neutral color. Each of these choices fit perfectly into the cottage style and would look stunning with crawling ivy for the perfect overgrown, witch-in-the-woods vibe. 

Bifold Patio Doors Create the Perfect Cottage Sunroom

To capture the essence of cottage living, find ways to invite the outdoors into your home. If your modern cottage has space for a sunroom, consider installing a bifold glass patio door. This creates an indoor/outdoor combination space that brings you closer to nature and floods your rustic abode with natural light year-round. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

While natural tones are an easy choice for your soothing cottage exterior, there’s no need to shy away from color, either. Eclectic is the name of the game with cottage design, so including a bright pop of color (think red, teal, or green) on your entry door provides the perfect point of contrast. 

Perfect the Cottage Look With Pella Windows and Doors

It’s easy to create the cottage style home of your dreams — provided you choose the right windows and doors. Ready to install your cottage style windows and doors? Request a consultation with the experts at Pella today.

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