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How Windows Contribute to Curb Appeal


on October 1, 2020


Whether you’re selling your home or just looking to make some general home improvements, finding ways to enhance curb appeal may be the first thing on your mind. As you consider curb appeal ideas, don’t forget about all the ways that quality windows can contribute to your home’s aesthetic. 

3 Ways Windows Improve Curb Appeal

You have a number of ways to upgrade your exterior. The great part about investing in an upgrade to your current windows is that they play a dual role, allowing you to make a strong first impression on guests or buyers, while also showing off the best of your interiors.

Many homes have more windows on the front than any other side. Since they take up a much larger share of the front facade, upgrading your windows can have a significant impact in a variety of ways.

1. New windows give your home a whole new look.

You’d be amazed at how a simple panel of glass can be changed to transform the look of your home. Windows can be styled, shaped, sized and framed to alter the entire personality of your home’s exterior. 

You can customize your windows to meet your personal preferences or match a preferred style. Every little change, whether it’s the material, color or grille pattern, makes an impact.

2. Window upgrades can complement your home’s character.

New windows don’t just update a home with modern, more energy-efficient products. They add architectural detail that can make your home fit in seamlessly with the neighborhood or stand out on your street.

For centuries, windows have had certain characteristics that help define their architectural styles. Many residential neighborhoods were developed all at once, with each home designed to fit the popular styles of the time. Upgrading your home windows can restore your house to the historic roots of its architectural era or refresh it with elements that blend architectural styles to create character.

3. Replacement windows can add curb appeal on a budget.

Whether you’re selling your home or staying in it, you’re looking to invest in a few key areas while getting the biggest bang for your buck. Windows are a natural focal point, inside and out. An upgrade there does more than improve the look — it can add real value. In fact, replacing your windows can return up to 72% of the project cost upon resale.1 

Quality craftsmanship and installation may cost you a bit more. But both matter to the aesthetic, lifespan and long-term performance of your windows. So make sure you’re working with a team of professionals who know what they are doing in order to get the best quality within your budget. 

How to Add Curb Appeal with Replacement Windows

You have endless options when it comes to upgrading your windows. While not every decision in the window-buying process will influence your home’s curb appeal, there are many things you can do to up the aesthetic:

  • Change up the color scheme. Color is just like any other home design trend — tastes change. Within your home’s color palette, your windows play a lesser role. Pick a contrasting exterior window trim color to make them pop.
  • Upgrade exterior window trim. All windows have exterior trim to help block the elements. The styles range just as they do on the interior, from simple and subtle to elaborate and ornamental. Change out the trim — and the color — to make a style statement.
  • Add — or subtract — window grilles. Grilles add some extra detail to your windows. You can select a different grid pattern, change the color to contrast, adjust the thickness for a bolder look or go with unobstructed glass for a modern look.
  • Switch window styles. The functionality of different types of windows can also provide you with a new look. Sliding, single-hung and double-hung windows have sashes that can provide color. Casement and awning windows are unobstructed or divided only by grilles. Bay and bow windows jut out for a more dramatic way to draw the eye.
  • Accessorize your windows. You can also draw attention with design elements that accent your windows. Window boxes bring the beauty of nature. Window shutters add a decorative touch that provide another opportunity to stand out with color.
  • Do some landscaping. You’ll want to clean up nearby trees and bushes to help the crew come installation day. Be strategic with your trimming so that your landscaping doesn’t cover your new windows or disrupt the curb appeal.

Before and After Photos of New Windows

You can gain a better understanding of how new windows can completely transform your curb appeal with a little research. Browse window projects from real homeowners from across the country for inspiration. You’ll see how you can enhance your home, wherever you live and whatever the style — like this whole-home window replacement project installed by Pella professionals in Charlotte where contemporary black frames help transition away from the traditional brick style.

Getting the curb appeal you desire is all about getting creative and pulling out all of the little details to take your home from cookie-cutter to full of character. To learn more about what window trends are popular and how people are transforming homes in your area, get in touch with your local Pella team today.

1 According to the 2020 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine.

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