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Noise Reducing Windows


on July 19, 2022


When you step through your front door at the end of a long day, it’s natural to want the noise of the outside world to fall away. Your home’s windows play a major part in how much neighborhood noise you have to deal with on a daily basis, so here’s what you need to know about reducing noise with noise canceling windows.  

Window Features for Reduced Noise

While completely soundproof windows don’t exist, there are a number of things you can do to lessen the noise inside your home and improve the noise reduction of your windows. 

Rather than aiming for total sound control, look for these features that provide sound resistance, and pair them together for the best results. 

Pella Lifestyle Series windows frame two people enjoying time together

Pane Thickness

The thickness of the glass panes in your window is one contributing factor to mitigating outside noise. Increasing a pane’s thickness also increases its soundproofing abilities. When paired with a multi-pane feature in different thicknesses for each pane, you can control sound waves at different frequencies, making your home better insulated. 

Quality Frame Material

Choosing a window frame will also impact the noise reduction capabilities of your window. Wood, vinyl, and fiberglass are all fine choices for helping cancel noise. Wood has natural insulating properties and a quality vinyl frame will have interior air chambers that help reduce noise. 

Multiple Glass Panes 

When shopping for noise canceling windows, you are likely to run across the term “double-glazed” or “triple-glazed.” What this means is that you are choosing a window with two or three glass panes, and each of those panes are treated to increase their soundproofing performance. More panels equals greater sound mitigation. As mentioned above, pairing a triple-pane window with varied pane thicknesses is one of the best ways to reduce external noise. 

Additionally, sound control glass may feature laminated glass panels for noise reduction and impact resistance in storm-prone areas. 

A beautiful play room with a foosball table and noise reducing windows

Get The Best Acoustic Windows With Professional Installation

Beyond window features themselves, the installation of your windows can have a major impact on how well your home is insulated against noise pollution. 

Air infiltration as a result of poor installation plays a part in how noisy your home can get. When you work with Pella’s professional installers, air infiltration is just one of the things we check for to ensure your window’s best performance. 

How Pella’s Lifestyle Series Can Keep Your Home Serene

There are a number of noise reducing windows on the market, but Pella Lifestyle Series offers exceptional noise reduction for great acoustics year-round. Pella Lifestyle Series features a unique, patented triple-pane glass construction that meets or exceeds sound transmission standards, reducing external noise transmission by up to 52%.* Ready to start your sound-dampening project today? Request a consultation to decide what noise reducing windows are best for you. 

* Reduction in sound based on OITC ratings of Pella Lifestyle Series windows with respective performance package compared to a single-pane wood or vinyl window with an OITC of 19. Calculated by using the sound transmission loss values in the 80 to 4000 Hz range as measured in accordance with ASTM E-90(09). Actual results may vary.

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