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6 Window Care and Maintenance Tips for Peak Performance

posted on August 18, 2021 in Global Blogs

Women opens up modern casement windows for annual inspection and maintenance

When you buy a home or a new set of windows, you probably don’t put much thought into window upkeep. You dress them up with window treatments. You clean the glass once in a while to keep the panes free of smudges and spots.

Aside from that, you may not worry about window maintenance unless something goes wrong. And that can be a problem. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your windows efficient, operating smoothly and looking as beautiful as the day they were installed. It also helps ensure that your windows last as long as possible, so you get the most out of your investment. 

How to Maintain Windows

Performing regular window maintenance helps ensure your windows are functioning properly. Something seemingly small like a stuck sash or chipped paint can easily become a bigger problem if ignored. By following these home window maintenance tips, you can prevent that from happening.

Woman opening windows during annual inspection

1. Inspect your windows annually.

An annual home check-up is a crucial part of preventative home maintenance. Every year, examine your windows closely to identify any imperfections. Check your windows for leaks, cracks in the paint or material, chipped paint, sealant cracks or breaks and problems with sliding sashes or turning window cranks.

Be sure to look out for leaks and improper drainage above or around vents and sprinkler systems that may subject your windows to prolonged water exposure. It’s also a good idea to look for these issues after a big storm — especially if you think your windows have suffered hail damage.

Man caulking white windows

2. Pay close attention to the caulking around windows.

The sealant or caulking around your windows helps ensure that they are watertight. If any part of the window sealant is cracked, broken or completely missing, it needs to be fixed immediately. Cracked window sealant can let in water. Even minor leaks cause permanent damage. Inspect the window caulking, especially in the places where sealant problems are common: the bottom corners of windows and in between windows.

Woman inspecting wood finish of white wood windows

3. Take note of imperfections in the wood finish.

Wood windows provide a number of benefits. But they do require more maintenance than vinyl and fiberglass windows.

The wood finish or paint does not just keep the windows looking nice — it also protects them from damage from the elements. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the finish and compromise this protection. And that can happen inside your home too. 

Carefully inspect both the interior and exterior finish for corrosion, peeling and cracking. If you need to refinish the wood, contact a Pella window professional for advice on wood window maintenance.

Close-up of white window tracks

4. Clean and lubricate the window tracks.

Clean window tracks are more important than clean glass. Dirt and debris can build up in your window tracks and make your window prone to getting stuck. Regularly clearing away the dirt and debris from the window tracks can prevent that. Clean the tracks with a dry brush to keep your windows opening and closing smoothly. Any grime that can’t be cleared away with a brush can be cleaned up with plain old soap and water. 

Lubrication can also help ensure the smooth operation of your windows. Apply some oil-free lubricant to the weatherstripping. Teflon® Dry Lubricant or Gulf Wax® works well, and it's available at most home improvement stores. Avoid using an oil-based lubricant. They actually attract dust and grime, which can clog up the window tracks and make it more difficult to open and close.

Woman checks window fit

5. Check the window fit.

The longer you’ve had your windows, the more likely they don’t fit as well as on installation day. Exposure to the elements, changing temperatures through the seasons and general wear and tear from everyday usage can cause subtle changes to the size and shape of your windows and window frames. Homes settle over the years too, which can cause similar problems to window openings that were once an ideal fit.

A bad fit leads to poor performance. Your windows will be less energy efficient and may allow air and water to get in. Look over every part of the window to check that they still fit properly. If your windows don’t open or close all the way, won’t lock completely or have moisture somewhere, there may be a problem with window fit.

Three white sash windows in a bedroom

6. If you live near the ocean, take extra precautions.

Salt spray is extremely corrosive to many materials, including wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows. If you live near the ocean, you’re going to see more wear and tear. So you need to inspect your windows more frequently than once a year.

You should also clean your windows at least four times a year to remove the corrosive salt. Use a mild detergent and water to clean away salt build-up at least four times a year.

When to Call for Pella Window Maintenance

Cleaning and lubricating your windows are things every homeowner should do to extend the life of their products — and just to keep them working and looking great. These window care basics are pretty easy to do yourself. 

But if there is damage to the caulking around your windows, the wood needs to be refinished or any part of the window needs to be repaired, you should contact a professional for window maintenance. Trying to execute the repair yourself could result in further damage to your windows.

Your local Pella window expert can help you perform simple window maintenance or take a closer look at any issues that require repair. They have the expertise to look beyond the aesthetic to identify extensive window damage and give you professional advice on whether your window can be repaired or should instead be replaced.

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