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A Great Fit: Benefits of Double-Hung Windows on Your Pittsburgh Home

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

on April 19, 2022

Pella Lifestyle Series wood double-hung windows in living room

Double-hung windows are a window commonly found across many home styles and neighborhoods. This type of window has many benefits, and its versatility has kept it at the top of many homeowners’ window wishlists.

Continue reading to learn more about double-hung windows and why they might be a great fit for your Pittsburgh home.

What Are Double-Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows have two operable sashes. This type of window can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top. The sashes are stacked vertically and joined by a latch that locks the window.

Double-hung windows are different from single-hung windows in that only the bottom sash is operable.

You can typically find these windows on traditional- and farmhouse-style homes. For example, double-hung windows go great in Pittsburgh areas like Manchester, Shady Side, Oakland and Squirrel Hill. They are filled with traditional and historic homes that are great for this window type.

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

Easy to clean

Double-hung windows are easy to clean because both sashes can tilt inward for easy access to both your interior and exterior glass surfaces. This feature is especially helpful for second-story windows, where you usually wouldn’t have easy access to clean the outside of your windows safely. Being able to clean your windows easily is especially useful during the spring and summer months since you will want to clean off all the rain and snow debris from the Pittsburgh winter.

A Popular Window Choice for Entertainment Areas

Double-hung windows are a popular window choice for many homes. These windows do not take up much space as they open up and down instead of in and out. Double-hung windows are usually in the front of the house and entertainment areas like the living or family room because of their space-saving features.

For example, we fitted a Warrendale, PA home with all new wood double-hung windows that went beautifully with the home’s brick exterior. Not only did the windows increase curb appeal, but they also improved the home's energy efficiency. 

Enhanced Ventilation

Because you can open double-hung windows from the top and bottom, you have extra ventilation coming into your home. With double-hung windows around your house, fresh air will be able to circulate better throughout your home.

Double-hung windows provide homes with many benefits and hit several homeowners’ standard checklists. For example, we installed fiberglass double-hung windows on a house in Gibsonia. The black finish of the windows modernized the home, while the material and window type that was chosen led to more durability, lower maintenance and more energy efficiency. 

Materials, Finishes and Innovations

Adding a simple grille pattern can enhance your home's traditional aesthetic and add subtle detail and charm. For example, if you have a transitional home in Mt. Washington or State College, adding grilles can create a style that works with your home’s traditional and contemporary components. At Pella, we offer many popular grille options that can add visual interest to your home’s exterior. Some patterns we offer are prairie, cross, top row, New England, Victorian, traditional or a custom design. In addition, there are several ways we integrate these grilles, including putting them between the glass for easy management. 

We offer double-hung windows in many different materials and styles. For example, we have our traditional wood windows as well as our exceptionally energy-efficient vinyl series wood windows. For instance, we replaced a drafty old window in a State College, PA home with a new wood double-hung window. This newly installed window provided better energy efficiency and functionality. We also have our fiberglass windows for unmatched strength and durability and our affordable vinyl windows.

With a variety of finishes, including neutrals like black and white, our double-hung windows offer style versatility to match any home. To fit your aesthetic, we also have many different hardware finishes like a cam-action lock in white or matte black, or a sash lift featuring antique brass or oil-rubbed bronze.

Another great addition to your double-hung windows is a window screen. Adding a screen can bring in natural light and fresh air. Plus, you can enjoy all of this (and your beautiful view) while keeping out bugs. We offer many screen types, including some Pella exclusives for added innovation.

For example, on our vinyl double-hung windows, you can get our new hidden screen. When you open your window, the screen appears, and it folds away when you don’t want it. Our hidden screen helps you get a clearer view and more natural light. They also are easy to use and self-storing. If you go with our wood double-hung windows, you can install our integrated Rolscreen. This retractable screen also appears when you open the window and disappears into the frame when you close it. This award-winning innovation creates a cleaner, more polished look.

Double-hung windows are a beautiful option for your home. They offer style, convenience, ease of use and enhanced ventilation and airflow. Set up your free in-home consultation with a Pella window professional today!

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