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Fall Decor Trends for Northeastern Homes


on October 19, 2022


It’s that time of year — where the beach towels return to storage, the world starts to quiet, and the age of pumpkin spice is upon us once again.  Each season offers unique decorating opportunities, and for homeowners in the Northeast, fall decor is all about capturing the magic of this season. This year, home decor trends are focused on getting cozy and embodying the rich colors and golden glow fall in your region provides. Use these fall decor trend ideas to create your ideal autumnal design. 

Earth Tones

It’s no surprise that rich, natural tones are an emerging fall decor trend this year. With the comeback of neutral colors and natural touches in home design, fall offers the perfect color palette when we look outside. If you’re stuck trying to decide the best colors to incorporate into your decor this season, take direction from the tans, rich browns, and darker greens of nature. Bringing these into your home can produce a calming effect and create a neutral backdrop for any brighter accents you wish to showcase. 

Vintage Spaces Created With Accents 

Maybe it’s the rise of aesthetics like “coastal grandma” or the enduring popularity of the hygge movement, but vintage accents are a popular choice this fall. Vintage pieces provide a unique homeyness to any space, whether it’s heirloom crockery showcased in the kitchen, a vintage-inspired set of harvest prints, or knick-knacks you expertly scouted from local thrift stores. Make vintage accents and accessories the centerpiece of your decorscapes this year. 


The perfect complement to vintage accents and those cardigans you’re pulling out from under the bed, cottagecore design always experiences a burst of popularity in the fall. If you’re not sure where to start with this particular aesthetic, look no further than flowery wallpapers; warm, deep color choices, and natural materials and textures. Think about pairing neutral wicker or macrame with burgundy and burnt orange knits and plush furniture. Cottagecore is a great aesthetic match for homeowners in the Northeast thanks to the abundance of foliage, forests, cliffs and houses of stone covered in ivy. 

Pumpkins Galore

Could we possibly get through a whole article about fall decor without mentioning pumpkins? Though it might seem like a played-out choice, this year’s decor trends point toward amping up the gourd obsession - with a twist. Rather than the traditional Jack-O-Lanterns and Halloween-themed decor that typically appear this time of year, focus on pumpkin decor that matches your overall color scheme while providing interesting focal points. Whether it’s ceramic pumpkins in various earth tones, pumpkin printed linens, a pumpkin-themed door wreath, or neon-colored velvet gourds (a nod to the barbiecore craze), there’s no wrong way to bring the season’s mascot into your home.

Creating Cozy Spaces for Fall with Pella

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