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Midwest Country House Design


on April 14, 2022


Homeowners in the Midwest delight in bringing the calm serenity of country life into their home design. The best Midwest country home designs embrace messy mudrooms, make space for the perfectly balanced touch of nature in your decor, and create a soothing oasis from the summer rain. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate country and farmhouse design trends into your midwestern style home.

Keep Your Colors Neutral

The bedrock of any good farmhouse home design is a neutral color palette. Whites, creams, tans, and warm brown tones are the perfect foundation for any country home. These colors allow you to decorate seasonally without changing the neutral base. Open floor plan concepts are another hallmark of Midwest home styles, and using cream and white tones for your wall color can make your home feel open and airy even if your floor plan isn’t. 

To create a traditional feel with pops of color, use patterned wallpaper in powder rooms or on a single bedroom wall. With a neutral base as your home’s design compass, color pops create bold focal points for your design.

Country Design Elements

When it comes to finding the perfect combination of rustic and modern to create your ideal midwest home’s country look, there are many timeless choices. 

Bringing the Barn Door In

Sliding barn doors add a charming touch and serve as both stunning decor and a convenient partition when needed. Floating shelves or exposed rafters made of reclaimed wood create a natural look and feel and provide ample space for photos and decor. 

Choose accent pieces that feature natural textures such as twine, burlap, and wicker to amp up the prairie vibes or choose industrial black metal pieces with touches of gold or rose gold for a more modern farmhouse look. 

Schoolhouse Lighting 

Schoolhouse lights, often characterized  by opaque glass globes surrounding a larger interior bulb, ground a more modern design with their traditional look and retro feel. 

To maximize the country feel, pair schoolhouse lighting with upcycled antique milk cans, planters crafted from mid century metal desks, and distressed wood accents. These combinations evoke a country vibe without feeling old fashioned. 

For a more modern farmhouse design that still feels inviting, pair schoolhouse lighting fixtures with sleek cabinetry, industrial furniture, and clean lines. 

Create Your Farmhouse Kitchen

The centerpiece of any home, but especially Midwestern homes, the kitchen is an excellent place to showcase everything farmhouse, rustic, and prairie design styles have to offer. 

Create a stunning and inviting kitchenscape with open shelving that can display anything from hand-thrown ceramic dishware to copper pots and pans, wooden cooking utensils, and more. Pair this with butcher block countertops and a white ceramic farmhouse sink to make serving meals a breeze. 

Midwest Home Exteriors

No matter what architectural style your home has, capturing the clean, welcoming vibe that is a hallmark of Midwestern homes is easy with the right color choices for your home’s exterior

Much like choosing a neutral color palette for your home’s interior, keeping it simple on the exterior gives you more design flexibility throughout the year to create the perfect decorscapes for each season. A white exterior with a light gray roof paired with black or dark framed windows are also timeless choices. See how the prairie window look pairs well with this design style. 

Get Your Ideal Midwest Country Design with Pella

Whether your  Midwestern home style is rustic, prairie, or farmhouse, choosing the right windows and doors is critical to achieving the final effect. Not sure where to start? The pros at Pella can help. As a company with deep roots in America’s Heartland, we understand what makes Midwestern life special, and we are committed to helping those qualities shine in your home. Request a consultation today to learn more.

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.