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5 Signs It's Time to Replace the Windows in Your Cleveland Home

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown

on February 1, 2022

Home featuring Pella Impervia fiberglass windows

Windows are a crucial part of your home; they let natural light into your home and provide security and protection from the weather. Over time, your windows may experience wear and tear with everyday use, especially with the harsh Cleveland winter and the lake effect. There are several signs that your windows may need to be replaced. If you see any of the signs listed below, our Pella window professionals can help you with a replacement.

1. Faulty Window Operation

If your windows are hard to open or aren’t opening at all, it’s time for a replacement. Windows can become challenging to open and feel like they are sticking; this indicates a lousy window operation that needs a revamp. Another way to tell that a window's operation is faulty: if it's not aligning when it’s going up or down. To tell if this is the issue when you open or close your window, check if the bottom of the sash is straight or slanted. If it’s slanted, then there is an issue, and you may need a replacement.  Lastly, if you notice that the window isn’t creating a strong seal when you close it — for example, if one side doesn't close all the way or if the window is easy to open even if it is closed and locked — you will need to replace your windows to prevent drafts and achieve proper function. Over time, historic windows become less efficient and harder to use. If you need to replace historic windows in Cleveland or Shaker Heights, we can help you update your windows' functionality and performance while maintaining your home's historic style and value.

2. Drafts

If you feel air leaking into your home, this is a big sign that your windows need replacing. Drafts can mean that the seal on your windows is not strong anymore or that the windows are faulty. In addition, this leaking air and breeze can lead to a higher utility bill as your HVAC system works harder to regulate your home's temperature. 

3. Visible Damage That Cannot Be Repaired

Another way to tell that it is time to replace your windows is if you visibly see damage to your windows or window frames. This means that you will need to replace your windows to maintain an efficient and functional window. Also, check for damage to your window’s glass as this can be a safety concern and require replacement.

4. Condensation

Visible condensation that you cannot wipe away because it is between the glass panes is another reason to replace your windows. Condensation on the inside of your windows can mean that your window glazing is becoming less effective or that the seals are failing, which can allow moisture to build up in between the glass panes.

5. Excess Noise

If you notice that you hear more of the outside noise than you are used to, it could mean that you need more insulation in your windows and therefore need to get them replaced. For example, new windows can come with multiple panes of glass to help reduce sounds such as lawnmowers and the busy downtown Cleveland traffic, so you can better enjoy the peace and quiet of your home.

Pella Impervia fiberglass windows on a home

How Pella Windows and Doors of Cleveland Can Help

At Pella, our window professionals are here to help with all your window replacement needs. We offer a variety of innovative products that can help your new windows perform amazingly! For example, many of our windows are ENERGY STAR certified. This certification means that we have engineered and tested our windows to ensure that they last and keep your utility bill low. In addition, our windows create fewer drafts with their three points of protection and tight weatherstripping to reduce air leaks and water from entering your home. Our hardware also helps to create a tight seal against the weather. Our windows are also made with Low-E glass to help reflect the heat out in the summer and into your home in the winter — helping to keep your home’s temperature comfortable year-round. And when you have your windows installed with us, our trained installation crews will ensure proper insulation and operation so that you get the best function out of your new windows.

Along with energy efficiency, our windows are durable and can last for years. For example, our wood windows have exclusive EnduraGuard wood protection applied to them to protect against damage and stains. We also have our fiberglass windows that are made to avoid expanding, contracting, or becoming brittle during temperature swings, making them an excellent choice for any climate. Even our glass panes are strong; they are impact-resistant and reinforced to stand up to hurricane-level winds. We also have noise-reducing windows that use dual- or triple-pane glass and have insulating window frames.

Our windows are known for their performance, durability and style. Our window experts are here to help you through the process of replacing your old, inefficient windows with ones that will help with all your needs in style, functionality, noise control and energy efficiency for years to come.

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