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How windows contribute to curb appeal

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Windows and curb appealWhether you are selling your home or just looking to make some general home improvements, finding ways to enhance curb appeal should be the first thing on your mind. As you consider curb appeal ideas, consider all the ways quality windows can contribute to your home’s aesthetic. The great part about investing in an upgrade to your current windows is that they play a dual role, allowing you to make a strong first impression, while also showing off the best of your interiors.

Windows give your home a brand new look

Before and after new windowsYou would be amazed how new windows can transform the look of a decades-old home into something fresh and modern. Take a look at this recent project, where homeowners replaced the old, wooden window frames with fiberglass and took this decades-old façade to the next level. It definitely did wonders for the home’s curb appeal, but also took care of some much-needed renovations which were already on the to-do list.

New windows can complement your historical home’s characterAdd character to your home

New windows don’t just help to modernize a home, it can also refresh the look of an older home while keeping consistent with historical details. New windows can enhance historic homes with more energy efficient windows, while preserving the architectural integrity of the home.

Low cost, high impact

Curb Appeal High Impact

Curb appeal on a budget means finding a few key focal points that you can invest in to get the biggest bang for your buck. Windows are a top contender because they are the natural centerpieces for your home, and can add definite value when upgraded, repaired, or replaced properly. Just make sure you are working with a team of professionals who know what they are doing in order to get the best quality within your budget. Here are some great ideas on maximizing your creating curb appeal in the Seattle area.

You can gain an understanding of how quality windows fit into the bigger picture of enhancing curb appeal by doing your research. Look online to find pictures of completed projects, browse Pinterest for the latest trends, or simply drive around your neighborhood to get ideas of looks that you like.

How to begin your curb appeal processResearch your options

There are plenty of options when it comes to upgrading your windows and investing in your home’s curb appeal. Getting them replaced with brand new frames and double-paned glass is always a good option that can also add to your home’s energy efficiency. Pella also has plenty of different options to consider if you are looking to try something new, including sliding, casement, bow, bay, or any custom project you can think up. Custom windows are a nice way to set your home apart from the rest and avoid having a “cookie-cutter” look.

For more on how to go from cookie-cutter to custom, take a look at what this blogger has to say.

Endless options

Curb Appeal Options

There are also a number of different ways to accessorize your windows that can draw more attention to their unique charm and add something special to your overall look. Window boxes are a good option, and serve as a strong underline to your curb appeal strategy. Awnings and shutters are also nice accents that can make a bold visual statement, while also adding functionality.

In the end, it’s all about getting creative, and pulling out all of the little details that make your home unique. To learn about more new ways to enhance curb appeal and spruce up your home for spring with new windows, get in touch with the Pella team today.

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