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Finding the Best Windows for Your Cleveland Home Style

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown

on March 2, 2022

Contemporary home with Pella windows

There are so many different styles of homes with their own unique styles and architectural elements. Read on as we discuss some of the most popular home styles, their history and defining characteristics, as well as the window options that go great with each style.


The word contemporary refers to the present time. While not the same, contemporary-style homes often incorporate modern stylistic elements. Contemporary homes are based on the design fundamentals of clean lines and natural textures. A lot of the materials used to build these homes and the things in them are eco-friendly. They typically have neutral colors with pops of vibrant colors. When it comes to windows, these homes feature square shapes and focus on natural materials and maximum natural light. Fixed, picture windows are a great choice for contemporary homes. They can come in multiple different-sized squares. If you wanted some ventilation, awning or casement windows are another good option.


Colonial homes date back to the 1600s. Their style comes from many different influences including French, Dutch and Spanish, however, these homes are heavily influenced by the English style. Colonial-style homes are simple, usually symmetrical structures that feature lots of rectangles. These homes also are typically two stories tall and feature a grand entrance with a central staircase. As for windows, maintain your home’s symmetry with the same number and type of window on both sides. Double-hung windows are great for colonial homes because they are rectangular. You can even add grilles to enhance the traditional and formal aesthetic that colonial homes are known for.

Cleveland Double

A popular home type in the Cleveland area is what is referred to as the “Cleveland Double.” This home is a duplex or two-family dwelling with separate entrances. The home usually has identical living spaces on the first and second floors with some also having a third-floor attic space. Some defining features include their rectangular shape and the second-story porch that extends the entire width of the home. Many of these homes also have large porches with open railings and a solid brick porch on the first floor. Single- or double-hung windows are great options for the Cleveland Double because they can offer the simplicity and symmetry that's often seen in this home. Other beautiful window options for the Cleveland Double are bay, bow and large picture windows, which would look great on the first floor while increasing the natural light coming in and providing architectural interest.


A cottage home is known for being cozy and charming. The cottage-style home is originally from England and was mostly used for working-class farmers. These homes tend to be smaller with less square footage and smaller features, such as a little front porch. Another defining feature of cottage homes is their wood siding and wood shingles with a brick or stone exterior. With this style, double-hung windows are great for adding ease of use and functionality to create airflow in the small space. This, as well as adding a white finish and grilles to these windows, will add to the home’s charm.

Craftsman home featuring Pella windows


A craftsman-style home is all about focusing on craftsmanship as well as well-thought-out and well-constructed architecture. Many of these homes have a horizontal, sturdy build. Some defining features include exposed beams and tapered columns on their porches. Custom elements are another thing that craftsman homes focus on. They aren't a cookie-cutter home; their style is original and unique. This means that they include elements like built-in bookshelves and a fireplace. For this style of home, we offer several different window options. Our wood windows are very focused on craftsmanship and the beauty of the material. If you wanted to stick to a more traditional look, you could do double-hung windows in combinations to add a unique element while also having that traditional functionality. We also offer special shapes and custom windows to fit any unique style to match your craftsman home.

Midcentury Modern

Homes with a midcentury modern style emerged after WWII and the Bauhaus movement. This movement focused on geometric shapes along with some abstract styles. Midcentury modern homes have a sleek, clean design with a representation and appreciation of nature shown through the use of large picture windows and a mix of natural and man-made materials. The architecture in them is interesting to look at and has a lot of thought behind them.


The Tudor style was brought over to the U.S. by European architects in the late 1800s, though it would not become popular until the 1920s. Tudor homes get their inspiration from late medieval and early Renaissance architecture, meaning they have stone masonry, steep roofs, timber framing and classic leaded (or stained) glass. These homes are also typically asymmetrical and often compared to something out of a storybook. To fit the Tudor theme, you could create a combination of panels of fixed vertical windows or special shape windows around the leaded or stained glass to show off the details. You could also play with the asymmetry of the home by having a bay or bow window stick out on one side.


Victorian homes were aptly named after Queen Victoria. They first appeared in the 1830s but didn’t gain popularity until the early 1900s. Their defining features include small towers, porches, steep gable roofs, bright-colored facades, bay windows and two to three stories. Victorian homes also have ornate elements, including carved columns, brackets and gingerbread trim. These elements have some styles that are more ornate in nature, like gothic revival and Queen Anne, and others that are less elaborate, like folk style.



Farmhouse homes are full of a large front porch, tall ceilings, exposed beams, a rectangular layout and a central fireplace. Some of them also have a barn-shaped roof to fit the farmhouse name. Farmhouses typically have rustic details with elements of exposed brick and stones. Adding clean lines and other updated features can modernize an otherwise traditional farmhouse style. With this style, double-hung windows are a classic option.

French Country

French Country homes are inspired by the countryside adobes of France. Some common elements include shutters and pointed roofs. Many of these homes are built from stone. The interior of a French Country home is also distinct with a stone fireplace, distressed wood and subdued colors like pastels and overall worn-looking colors. All of this adds to the weathered look. Some window options that go with this style of home are double-hung windows with thin grilles along with bay or bow windows.

Greek Revival

Inspired by Greek philosophy and culture, Greek Revival-style homes came to the U.S. around the 1830s. They are easily recognized by their large white columns that are also found on the Parthenon and other famous Greek buildings. These large columns have Greek-style embellishments that are white or other subdued, muted colors. In Greek Revival homes, there is also usually a large front door to provide a grand entrance. With this traditional style, having classic and traditional style windows with decorated entry doors can complement the overall style.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes originated in the 1700s in Massachusetts; that’s where they get their name. These charming homes are built to be durable to be able to withstand the New England winters. This style of home is suited with a simple design, including wood siding, roof shingles and a door centered in the front of the home with windows on either side. The windows and doors should mimic the style’s simplicity and durability.

There are so many different styles of home that have rich histories all over the world. But no matter your style of home, our window and door professionals will be able to help you enhance and update that aesthetic with replacement windows and doors, while still staying true to its original style. Get started today with our free in-home consultation to see what we can do for you.

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